We named our bistro "Laugh",
because we want to make our customers smile by the atmosphere and cuisine of our bistro.
Please feel free to come by all means.

Concept 1
- Providing the authentic taste
by reasonable price

In our bistro, we provide dishes by reasonable price as much as possible so that you can enjoy the authentic taste casually.
In particular, many meat dishes in our bistro are perfect, both in volume and taste.
Please enjoy wild "bone-in pork steak" and "hamburg ※ lunch hour only", a dish everyone loves, etc. by all means.


Concept 2
- Preparing many drinks
that enhance cuisine

Classic wine that is said it goes well with meat and fish, Japanese Sake, Japanese Distilled Spirits, called Shochu, Whiskey and so on.
With regard to wine and sake, the owner himself checks the taste and purchases only those that he is convinced to offer to customers.

We will continue to prepare various drinks in the future, so I hope you will look forward to it.


Concept 3
- Coping with surprises

We will do our best to support birthdays and anniversaries.
Homemade desserts are popular not only for women and children but also for men.
We can also offer daily desserts such as chiffon cakes, puddings, tiramisu and tart as an assorted dessert plate.
Please contact our bistro if you would like.


Concept 4
- Offering various courses
that meet your budget

In our bistro, we offer three courses from 2500 yen to 4000 yen.
Especially, we recommend you for 12 dishes course, which you can enjoy the full flavor of Laugh's cuisine from meat to seafood.

For the girl's meeting, we recommend 9 dishes course with spare ribs and sirloin steak.
We offer our courses that meet our customer's purpose.