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  3. Let's blow away the summer tiredness with Gion Teppanyaki Bistro rough meat and steak dishes!

Let's blow away the summer tiredness with Gion Teppanyaki Bistro rough meat and steak dishes!

Hello! 1 minute walk from Gion Shijo Station
"Rate authentic taste" in Kyoto Gion Shijo
"Teppan Bistro Laugh"is!

This is the end of August this week.
Is it the time when the hot sunshine peaks are almost over and it is finally easier to spend the morning and evening?
It seems that the summer tiredness is likely to appear from now on until autumn.

From hot summer to cool autumn, climate change makes it easier to catch a cold
It seems that you can't feel tired easily, so please be careful.

And you want to get through this time well!

That's the time!
Teppanyaki Bistro How about the rough Teppanyaki steak menu ♪

Bone lamb steak (1,580 yen)
Grilled lamb with herbs (1,580 yen)
Pork steak with bone (980 yen)
Grilled pork with herbs (980 yen)
1 spare rib (480 yen)
Misuji Steak 150g (1,580 yen)
Harami steak 150g (980 yen)
Chicken steak 150g (580 yen)
Low temperature cooking hamburger 150g (680 yen)
Wagyuu beef sirloin steak 200g (4,480 yen)
Wagyuu Dice Steak 150g (1,980 yen)
Lamp Steak 150g (1,280 yen)

In particular, it is said that there is a fatigue recovery effect for those who feel like summer
Rich in vitamin B1
How about pork?

Pork steak with bone 980 yen
Grilled pork with herbs 980 yen

A little more appetite fall ♪
Looking forward to the future!

We look forward to your reservations and visits today!

"store information"
Teppan Bistro Laugh

Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Higashiyama-ku Tominagacho 146 SAKIZO Nawate Building 301

1 minute walk from Keihan Electric Railway Keihan Main Line Gion Shijo Station
3-minute walk from Hankyu Railway Kyoto Main Line Kawaramachi Station
From Keihan "Gion Shijo Station", there is a building 3F of [Soba restaurant Koume] like Yamato Oji Shijo (Katate Dori).
(Shijo-dori, Nawate-dori, 3 floors of a building next to 3 houses of Zen-style Western dishes)

Business hours
Lunch | 11:30-15:00
Dinner | 17: 00-23: 00

Regular holiday
Holidays aren't fixed.
* Closed on September 4 (Wed), 10 (Tue) and 15 (Sun).

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