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Introducing the teppanyaki bistro rough meat menu with bone!

Hello! 1 minute walk from Gion Shijo Station
"Rate authentic taste" in Kyoto Gion Shijo
"Teppan Bistro Laugh"is!

Have you had more work from this week after the Bon holiday?
Please be careful because the life rhythm is likely to collapse if the holidays continue.

Well, today we will be proud to introduce the meat menu with our bones.

It is our signboard menu after all
Spareribs! (480 yen per bottle)
It ’s very simmered for more than 3 hours
The meat is so soft that it can be cut with chopsticks!

However, “bone meat” is an image that is a little difficult to eat, and anxious manners.
You may be worried
In fact, there are tips that you can easily eat.

Of course, you can wear it with a cover!
If you are interested, you can eat it little by little while cutting the meat with a knife.
When you get to the bone, hold it with your hand.

Bone lamb steak (1,580 yen)
Grilled lamb with herbs (1,580 yen)
Pork steak with bone (980 yen)
Grilled pork with herbs (980 yen)

And do you know that meat with bone is very tasty?
It is said that when meat with bone is heated, the cerebrospinal fluid that exudes from the bone increases the taste of the meat.
Cerebrospinal fluid is characterized by containing collagen in addition to umami.

The meat around the bone is hard to break even when heated.
The meat's moisture is not compromised, making it juicy.

Also, you can expect the effect of pulling meat that tends to shrink on heating!

If you ca n’t eat meat with bones
Please try this opportunity ♪

I have a day off today
We are doing well tomorrow, so we are looking forward to your visit!

"store information"
Teppan Bistro Laugh

Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Higashiyama-ku Tominagacho 146 SAKIZO Nawate Building 301

1 minute walk from Keihan Electric Railway Keihan Main Line Gion Shijo Station
3-minute walk from Hankyu Railway Kyoto Main Line Kawaramachi Station
From Keihan "Gion Shijo Station", there is a building 3F of [Soba restaurant Koume] like Yamato Oji Shijo (Katate Dori).
(Shijo-dori, Nawate-dori, 3 floors of a building next to 3 houses of Zen-style Western dishes)

Business hours
Lunch | 11:30-15:00
Dinner | 17: 00-23: 00

Regular holiday
Holidays aren't fixed.
* We will be closed tomorrow August 20th (Tue).

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