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  3. I would like to welcome you to the late summer.

I would like to welcome you to the late summer.

Hello! 1 minute walk from Gion Shijo Station
"Rate authentic taste" in Kyoto Gion Shijo
"Teppan Bistro Laugh"is!

It ’s still like the summer season
The remaining heat is already from the fall (around August 7) in the calendar!
And it seems that the severe heat that will remain even after the fall.

And the capital letter grilling (Mt.
It is an event to send ancestors who have returned to Obon to the world again.
I don't feel like the Bon Festival has ended without this fire every year ^^

By the way, if the remaining heat is severe, you will not have an appetite and you will feel the cold things delicious.
Some noodles such as somen noodles, ice cream and sweets are often deficient in vitamins and protein, leading to loss of appetite.

Please try our teppanyaki steak dish here!
It is a menu where you can enjoy the authentic taste while being reasonable.

Bone lamb steak (1,580 yen)
Grilled lamb with herbs (1,580 yen)
Pork steak with bone (980 yen)
Grilled pork with herbs (980 yen)
Spare rib (one 480 yen)
Misuji Steak (150g ¥ 1,580)
Harami steak (150g, 980 yen)
Chicken steak (580 yen)
Low temperature cooking hamburger (150g 680 yen)

Let's get on with this lingering heat with stamina!

We look forward to your reservations and visits today!

"store information"
Teppan Bistro Laugh

Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Higashiyama-ku Tominagacho 146 SAKIZO Nawate Building 301

1 minute walk from Keihan Electric Railway Keihan Main Line Gion Shijo Station
3-minute walk from Hankyu Railway Kyoto Main Line Kawaramachi Station
From Keihan "Gion Shijo Station", there is a building 3F of [Soba restaurant Koume] like Yamato Oji Shijo (Katate Dori).
(Shijo-dori, Nawate-dori, 3 floors of a building next to 3 houses of Zen-style Western dishes)

Business hours
Lunch | 11:30-15:00
Dinner | 17: 00-23: 00

Regular holiday
Holidays aren't fixed.
* Closed on August 20th (Tue).

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